Welcome to the jungle

I have reluctantly decided to create a new blog. Some thoughts on what I hope to achieve, having tried my hand at blogging so very many times before


April 5, 2021

I’ve decided the time has come to restart my blog. I’ve tried blogging many times before with mixed success, and this time around I’d like to avoid the mistakes of the past. I’ve set up this blog with a few principles in mind:

At this stage I’m not entirely certain how I’ll use the blog. There are a lot of possibilities, and I have some thoughts on which ones I’d like to explore. A self-contained blog such as this seems nicely suited to teaching materials. An obvious example would be to write blog posts to accompany the data science slides and youtube videos I’ve been making. The lack of written material to go with those talks has bothered me for some time. Another possibility might be to write tutorials on generative art. I use my art website to post the art itself, but the site functions as a gallery rather than a classroom. I get a lot of people asking questions about how I make my art, and this blog might be a good place to provide answers. Those aren’t the only possibilities, of course, but they are appealing ones.

Not sure how this will go, but fingers crossed!

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